Install mpv in Raspbian stretch or Raspbian jessie

Good morning. Can someone tell me how to install mpv on Raspbian stretch or Raspbian jessie? Thank you

Raspbian is a debian configured for raspberry pi. You find debian images for r2 and r64 here. Just flash them to sdcard like raspbian. Stretch and jessie are really old versions…will be hard to install anything on it.

On newer debian you can do this:

Si Raspbian esta configurado SOLAMENTE para Raspberry pi ES ENGAÑOSO que BPI lo ofrezca como SO para sus placas Banana pi M2 berry tanto 2020-04-19-raspbian-jessie-bpi-m2u-sd-emmc.img como 2018-07-19-raspbian-stretch-dt42-berrynet-preview-bpi-m2u-sd-emmc.img. El problema no es que tanto jessie como stretch sean versiones antiguas ya que OMXPLAYER NUNCA corrio en ellas. Realmente estoy extremadamente desepcionado con su producto. Era muy bueno que la PLACA MAS FAMOSA tubiera una competencia digna. RBpy puede estar tranquila, realmente ustedes no lo son

Please stay in english language. The image you linked is for bpi m2u. You cannot install in stretch,jessie anymore as official repos are down for them (no more supported),thats why i suggest using a newer debian version (matching your device).

Can you tell me which one runs on M2 Berry?

no, don’t have this board and you have opened thread in r2/r64/r3 section…moved it to m2-berry