Install Debian stretch on BPI-M1

Hello together,

sorry for my bad english but I hope you understand my sentences. I would like using my first time a BPI-M1. On the M1 shall be installed a Debian stretch. The creation from the SD-Card was succesful and the boot process looks normal until “starting kernel”. But after this message I get only a blank screen. Therefore the question from me, is the debian-install procedure only via the serial interfaces possible? Currently the M1 is only conntected via HDMI interface.

Thanks for your support Mario

Everything is redirected to serial line … I see output only on serial line. I am trying to install buster now, but I have had some problems with 4.19 kernel from armbian repos … then we will see how stable will be Debian kernel. f.

Then you must be doing something wrong. Perhaps trying to run it on broken hardware? Armbian is most used OS and its considered stable on those boards. (R1 is excluded, its officially not supported)

BTW. Armbian is already on 5.3 / 5.4.

R1 :wink: I have R1 …
4.19 crashed in 30 minutes after start (next kernel), current kernel 5.3 was stable on R1 (stress + some compile tests).
I know I have “non supported” HW, but for those already own it is this information about support useless. I want to have stable “modern” os on the box, due security things. With a minimal sw from outside. f.

So keep out of this topic.

Which is expected. Support = throwing bags of time/cash on some software/hardware/service. We had throw it a lot on R1, while most of Banana clients (you are among few that actually do something) just stay still and expect “stable modern” Linux … also on fail designed devices.

In any case, wish you good luck. Check armbian forums - we did a lot of R&D and you might find some useful hints.

This is about installation of Debian on RPI-M1, not armbian ?? … with : Right ?

Armbian (Debian) can have several years advance on low level functions, its tested, supported and can be easily downloaded and burned to the SD card.

I have no idea which Debian is OP talking about (probably created by board maker). If he is trying to go on that manual he has to understand that there is no support. I have no idea if that recipes works at all. Or still.