Impossible to boot BPI M3

dear all

maybe somebody facing the same issue … i m using etcher (and Win32DiskImager) to create ma SD card img, and whatever is the img, my bpiM3 doesn t boot… I change the SD card … still the issue…

i can see the blue BPI welcome screen then reboot… etc

Anybody can provide a small advise ?


Did you try different images and what adapter you are using for power Banana Pi M3?

yep … thanks for your answer and correct it was a power supply issue… need to find a stronger power supply… thanks a lot for your help


No problem, i am happy i helped you :slight_smile: I recommend you to buy this Power supply:

is the plug the right size for the B Pi M3 board?

i also have same problem, i use samsung 64GB evo+, 8 GB class 6 memmory card and 5v 2A power mobile adapter , only show bpi welcome screen after few seconds RBG light are off, if i not using hdmi cable RBG light not off.

img are 1. 2017-07-13-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-beta-bpi-m3-ov8865-sd-emmc.img, 2. 2018-01-04-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-v1.0-bpi-m3-sd-emmc.img_2

You need to use 3A power suply! 2A is too week. And don’t power banana pi with Micro usb. Power Banana Pi with the Barrel power conector.

I m waiting the power Supply 5v-3A… I will update this post for sharing experience

I’m powering my m2 Berry with an atx power supply through molex to usb adapter. And it works fine even under heavy loads.