IDE for micropython bit:bip card


Can you tell me how to use thonny IDE with bit:bip card wifi?

can you tell me how ti use Mu IDE with bit:bip wifi card?



about thonny IDE

You can install the thonny IDE and download the esp32-micropython plugin. It has a plug-in store, do not need to go to other places to find, can be downloaded inside.


thanks, but you told me that we can use Mu IDE. So please read all my question and reply please. So what about Mu EDI with your card bit:bip? thanks Julien

Sorry, I would have told you directly if I had used it.XD

BPI:bit for mycroPython wiki documents:

Hello, All of the programming methods you offer are all based on the use of REPL. So impossible to have the python program in the bitmap: beep, even with Pycharm. This solution is not suitable of course. REPL Mode is used just for small tests, not for standalone target use. But frankly, you do not seem to understand that the interest of your card is its use for rapid prototyping based on the same facilities as the Microbit card, since it is the same form. So it would take the same ease of programming. For your information, Microbit provides a very simple and powerful online development tool, without any comparison with your current solution which is a real gas plant. Mu is an IDE also very powerful and super simplistic. The upload is very simple. Could you make an effort to propose a hypersimple IDE like Mu which is open source I think. For your information I was able to program the microbit card with pycharm without problem and upload the python program. For cons it must be a small manipulation to add an export tool so that the python program remains in the card microbit (flash memory). Thank you for your very specific answers. You will understand that using your card to program it in python in the world of education is currently impossible. Very thanks to help and give me solutions. Your sincerely. Julien

If you can, please try this, if you don’t know how to use it, I think I’ll come back with an installation tutorial.

Hello, I have already installed this micropython plugin for thonny for the microbit card. It works in REPL mode, but can not upload the program to the map? Thank you for your urgent tutorial. Julien

More answer from you? Is there a problem? You do not answer my questions. Still impossible to program very simply your card Bit: bip in blockly and python. Can not flash the program in the map. No doc on your side. Where is the concern? You gave up? But why sell your product if you do not provide any functional IDE ?? Thanks to reply. JL


Could you give me the IDE to use to program in Python the BPI:bit. Do you have a documentation online off all the API in python. How to upload the Python file in the BPI:bit card? Thanks to be very precise with examples and screen shot. Thanks to help.