I don't see microsd

Hi. I burned debian image to eMMC as shown here: https://bananapi.gitbooks.io/bpi-m3/content/en/howtoburnlinuximagetoemmc.html I run my bpi, and then insert microSD in slot, but i don’t see the card. I thought what microSD will mount automatically like USB flash. I want use microSD as a file storage. How can i do this?

And another issue. When I’m trying to run bpi with microSD, he cant to start. I have to first remove the SD card.

HI: you can try it

Step 1: > mkdir bpi-boot

Step 2:
> sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 bpi-boot

Step 3:
> sudo nano bpi-boot/bananapi/bpi-m3/linux/uEnv.txt

Step 4: (Modify uEnv.txt) > #script=script.bin


Step 5: Reboot