I can't find SSD

I have connected a SSD on the SATA port and power port image

but i don’t see the SSD on bananapi M2 Ultra image

ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.20.7-sunxi

What can be the problem?


It worked last time I did some testings … do you use proper power cable? Can you check polarity? Or perhaps PSU doesn’t provide enough power?

From the pic, it looks like he is using the USB OTG port for power. I am guessing, as well that it isn’t providing enough Amps for everything. The barrel connector requires 5V/2A and works fine, powering the board, SATA and a USB HDD.

I’m using this photo_2019-03-13_21-24-34

I’m using this on the USB OTG

Those boards are very very picky for powering. Numbers on cheap shit chargers tells nothing - most of them are not sufficient for powering (cables and connectors are usually the problem) while they are always good enough for charging phones …

Perhaps you need to power via barrel connector to power SATA drive … check schematics. mUSB powering is the worst possible method on the planet. If you want to know why, check up https://forum.armbian.com/forum/31-sd-card-and-psu-issues/