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FreeIPA on banana pi

Provided by: Markus Roth

Description This How To describes how to install FreeIPA on a single board computer with ARM CPU like the banana pi or raspberry pi.

Prerequisites The system is installed with fedora 21. Because it will be used as a home server, the graphical desktop is not required. For this the default runlevel is set to

systemctl set-default

The next step is to enter the FQDN (full qualified domain name) in the hosts file. For this purpose, there should be the following in the file /etc/hosts entry:  hostname

Installation of FreeIPA First, the FreeIPA package has to be installed.

yum install freeipa-server bind bind-dyndb-ldap

or as group:

yum groupinstall “FreeIPA Server”

all the necessary packages are installed.

In order to finish the setup of the IPA server an adjustment must be made in the source code. The reason for this is that the certificate service requires about 10 minutes to start on the banana Pi. There is a variable set with a wait time of 300s, so the setup cancel.

The adjustment is made in the file:


the variable ‘startup_timeout’, 300 has to be customized.

I changed this value to 900.

Now, the setup is performed as described in the documentation of FreeIPA. At the setup step

[8/27]: starting certificate server instance

you should give 10 minutes the certificate service to start.

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