How to wipe emmc disk?

First time I setup the android on it but now I want wipe it to blank to setup another linux os on it. Any body know how to wipe that emmc?

please see this document:

I know friend, but now on my emmc already have a android os. What I need is how to wipe that emmc back to blank.

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1

The man said that he has already running android on it, please clarify how to run that command supposing that is an non rooted device? That’s exactly my case, I have a android burned on emmc, and I want it out/wiped/removed… Is not rooted…

please advice

I think you need to install a linux image on a micro-sd, then, booting from there you can “sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1” from a linux terminal.

yes that’s correct, once you manage to boot any linux distro from micro-sd you are (or should be) able to wipe the emmc. But as this piece oh hardware is “fully” supported I could successfully boot only on the fourth attempt (2 times ubuntu mate 16.04 the two last releaseas available to download, one debian and eventually opensuse)

That’s why I have posted here because I though that I’m blocked - unable to boot from micro-sd anymore…

Does make any sense to mention that I have use the very same micro-sd card, adapter and software to write all the four images mentioned above, and only opensuse mange to boot? I guess not…

With the opensuse I have manage to boot from micro-sd and wipe emmc

I would like that product to be more supported as:

  • It is more expensive that the “other fruits” PI concurrence
  • I had to wait for shipping (2 weeks) instead to order for a local X-PI provider
  • Also a painful importing procedure to follow (took more than 3 weeks for me) + some additional taxes
  • Even nominally more powerful that “others” PI you are not able to use that :juice" because the lack of robust install-able SO distribution for it

P.S. anyway that opensuse could not manage to connect to any wifi network no matter what I’ve tried… but that’s another story

Please do not remind me. I paid more thinking they have something more powerful than the raspberry pi 3, instead I find myself with a very expensive paperweight. I need RCA output but this thing does not work with DVI-RCA adapters, also on their website said it was working with the images of the raspberry but I cannot find any usable image for me with kodi working.

So what is the solution about wiping emmc memory? I have android stored on emmc, but I’, not able to get ride of it anyway. Please help.

@robotron has the right answer for anyone searching on this

But how do you boot from an SD card when it doesn’t even look at the SD card when booting. It just boots straight to android on eMMC.