How to use serial

Hi, I would like to inquire how to use the serial port using ubuntu os? I’ve looked at the rpi equivalent steps, but can’t see how it applies on the bpi

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you can see here:

how do I use it for serial device directly?
e.g. serial gps module

the link provided doesn’t explain this

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yes, you can use serial device.

please check which serial are you connect ,and maybe you need edit code .


I require you to provide more information on how to achieve this

Currently I’m not being told whether I need to do any special configuration to use the
serial line for anything other then console

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you should use 8+10 (UART2, or 11+13=UART3) +gnd to establish a serial connection. in your running System you should see a /dev/ttySx device. if not i guess it needs to be enabled in DTS (kernel hardware description)

i found no kernel 4.x yet (only 3.4) which i guess has no dts support…maybe you see an ttySx, but maybe not.

i found this thread where m2m is listed for 4.14 too…as far as i see dts is available in mainline-linux: but it seems that only uart0/1 are defined where uart1 is used for bluetooth and uart0 should be debug-uart (console)…

Does it need to be released from console duty?

When I looked earlier the rpi equivalent apparently needs to be released

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I don’t know, but you can use another port…if you use ttyS0 as debug-uart,try ttyS1 for serial communication…

Binding should be in dts(i) only and cmdline (uboot). But maybe first defined is used as debug-uart