How to use GPIO port?

Hi !

How can i use GPIO port please ? What software ? Android 5.1.1 ? Linux 3.4 ? I didn’t succeed with Ubuntu Mate 15.10 … Thanks for your help !


Nobody use GPIO here ? Or don’t work ?

we do WringPi test now, once ready ,will update to github.

You said this so many times in the past. Could it be that you speak in a different language and that it translates to “We don’t care and it will never work”?

BTW: How do you update GPIO pins on github?

Today noticed that updated wiringpi libraries for BSP-m3 if you perform according to the instructions on the website

git clone -b BPI_M3

cd BPI-WiringPi
chmod +x ./build
sudo ./build

and don’t forget to load the module by modprobe command:

sudo modprobe gpio-sunxi

gpio utility starts working:

//read the gpio ports
gpio readall
//turn off physical gpio port 5 (the right third from the end, opposite the ground it is convenient to measure the voltage)
gpio write 9 0
gpio readall
//voltage 0.06 volts ( between 5 and 6 physical ports)

//turn on this port
gpio write 9 1
gpio readall
//voltage 3.34 volts

It works!

Thank you very much, it works

It worked fine for me too. Thanks

youtube online for GPIO:

It is possible to work with a bpi_M2Ultra ?
please say yes :wink:
Thanks, great work here !