How to set up 1080p resolution in banana pi bpi-m2+

how to set up screen resolution in banana pi m2+ from default 720p to 1080p? All images have 720 p resolution as default. please help? any inctructions?

I tried these procedures, but they failed.

First, there is no /boot/bananapi dir. However, I found /boot/script.bin and modified it as proposed. The new file was also copied to /boot/script.bin.

[Edited] Second, changing the uEnv.txt does have an effect. If you find the right one … In my case, it was /boot/bananapi/bpi-m2p/linux/uEnv.txt.

Hello, I encounter the same issue. If I use the 1080p uEnv.txt, I have a boot loop

1080p and no boot loop:

I have one M2Z board. I have flashed image 2020-04-28-debian-9-stretch-lite-bpi-m2z-sd-emmc.img I want to change the output resolution, but I cannot find any files under /boot folder, no script.fex, no script.bin. I also try to change uEnt.txt, no effetive.Please help me. Thanks.