How to remap GPIOs? Banana Pi pins have 0 output (0 Hz)

Hello !

I would like to know how to remap GPIO to make them have the same functionality as the Raspberry GPIOs.

Currently I am trying to drive an RGB LED panel. I have measured the Banana PI’s GPIOs with an oscilloscope, but ALL of the GPIOs have 0 output. So they do nothing. How can I make them do something ?

please see here :slight_smile:

Actually you could see the Rpi.gpio code on github, here:

Hope it could help you.

You will see the way to mmap gpio and how the python control gpio by C lib.

Any other instructions ? Because I see none on that repository…

I literally have no idea what to do with the information you just gave me…

And how do you use it ?

Let’s say I want one pin to be PCM CLK. What is the instruction for that ?

How can I set the Banana Pi’s pin 12 to be PCM CLK ? Can I give it more than 1 role ?

The Raspberry Pi pin 12 has a lot of alternatives:

Alt0	Alt1	Alt2	Alt3	Alt4	Alt5

Also, here is a Raspberry Pi pin that doesn’t have ANY corresponding pins on the Banana Pi…

  • There is no FL1 pin on the Banana Pi.
  • There is no SMI SD9 pin on the Banana Pi.
  • There is no DPI D13 pin on the Banana Pi.
  • There is no UART0 RTS pin on the Banana Pi.
  • There is no SPI1 CE1 pin on the Banana Pi.
  • There is no UART1 RTS pin on the Banana Pi.

How can I define that ? What magic do I use ? How do I create a definition for Banana Pi’s pin 11 to be identical to the Raspberry Pi pin 11 ?

Also, after following the instructions on how to install RPi.GPIO on the Banana Pi I can’t run the test:

./ No such file or directory

What now ?

So fucking great !

I couldn’t execute “./” to test RPi.GPIO because the file wasn’t made. I tried uninstalling and installing everything. The good part is that I’ve managed to install WiringPi2 and went on to do this:

Execute "/usr/local/bin/"

The Banana Pi was connected to a RGB Led Matrix like this: 20190814-125332.jpg

After the test has begun, the matrix was flashing at a regular interval, but after 15-20 seconds a little flame burst out near the power adapter then a little smoke came off then the Banana Pi shutoff. Now it will power up for a couple a seconds and then shutdown again.

This is the same setup that I am also using with a Raspberry Pi Zero. And on that board the project works.

This Banana Pi doesn’t even have proper pin Definition and when you actually send some signal through those pins it burns off.