How to mount sata drive on android BPI-M3

Any way to mount sata drive

Use mount command in terminal shuld work, unmounted media shuld be in mnt folder

if it says its missing link or unable to create (doesn’t remember message), then just create a empty folder for the mounting point, mount command works like this:

$ mount mnt/<DiskID/name> <mounting point>

realistic example: $ mount mnt/123ds2-wasdw-wees-wee2 media/pi/disk

after that it should auto mount to the mounting point. The mount point shuld be in media/pi/ or where ever you want the mount point to be. Works in Ubuntu mate shuld work in Android as well. If its exfat or fat32 it shuld auto mount. NTFS semi supported read but not write (because MS copyright bullshit), ext4 some times doesn’t auto mount had that problem several times. Hope it helped :slight_smile: