How to make it go to sleep 3.5inch HDD that connected with BPI-M2 Ultra by SATA?


im using 3.5 inch 4TB hdd by sata connection i managed power by disassemble usb 3.0 hdd case… my problem is…i uses my bananapi as media server…i rans it 24/7… but i only uses it 2~4 hours per day.

and you probably know 3.5inch HDD 7200rpm makes a lot of noise and heat!( and of course consumes noticeable electricity too)

how can i make HDD go to sleep when I or BANANAPI is not using HDD? please help me…

summer is coming

For the 3.5 "HDD you need a 12V power supply

i do have 12v power for my 3.5’’ HDD. it is fully operational

what i want to do is make my HDD go to sleep when no one is using



When you mount external drive - system olways (one ping per second) check if drive is mounted. It’s procedure always bring up a drive. If you want make this process more silent - use ssd.