How to install Ubuntu-mate in the EMMC?

How to install Ubuntu-mate in the EMMC?

Better read through this to get an idea about all available Linux images for M64:

After installing “Armbian Pine64” on banana pi-m64 is not visible emmc … What to do? How to mount an image? Or to build the kernel?

The answer is simple. Because none of the available Linux-images no support for eMMC, WiFi / BT, GLAN. I bought the board mainly due to Linux and I am very disappointed. Even the best board is without software support useless.

Android Is there much better, support eMMC, WiFi / BT, GLAN, but the latest version not support NTFS and ExtFat file formats, as a media player useless.

Wrong answer. I have a linux image with support for eMMC, Wifit/BT and GbE.

Perhaps you could try and see if it works for you. The instructions worked with the help of He successfully followed the steps and got it working, was not just me.

If you have a linux box, try it.

Follow the steps:

Good luck

Hi, I already know about this modification, it looks like the responses to the excellent work… I try, of course, thanks.

But it is not an official support from producer. There is nothing about this modification. And I look, so he do not offer none software for this board.:grin:

Each the user does not browse the forums and look if by chance Appears a fully functional system.

Once users put into operation Linux with your modification, you begin to wonder how to install the system on eMMC. And They will search again …

I have no idea about support for a new product.

Sorry for my uncertain English, it is not my native language.


I have tested the image from avaf, ( it works fine with my M64.

Thanks avaf for the effort to made this, my M64 finally works as my expected.

As you mentioned, the producer should aware about this and contect the author of this modification to provide official image for us. i will try to leave a message to their Chinese version Forum to inform them. But currently, it is Chinese Spring Festival holiday and looks like their official forum is not so activity neither, i don’t know when we can get the feedback from them ,

sent request and waiting for their feedbacks