How to get video HW acceleration?

How can I get hardware video decoding with vlc or mpv? (Ubuntu Mate preferably) Also how to get any OpenGL support? glxgears renders now with CPU.

Anything? Is it about lack of Mali T820 drivers for Linux? Is it supported only under Android?

probably the biggest drawback of this board. There is no linux driver for this T820 mali thingy. To bad that I didnt check this before purchase. Won’t recommend it to be used with linux

Video acceleration has nothing to do with T820/MALI

Start reading from here:

In this case can only be worse.

RTD1296 has video engine for encode/decode video.
BUT there is no any library for Linux for now.
In Android, they use OpenMAX IL to access VPU (Video Processing Unit).
BUT that binary library CANNOT use in Linux
Those feature only enable in Android, if they don’t release the OMX Library for Linux

I wish I knew it before the purchase.

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Same, hopefully we can warn others for this… Just thinking about getting a refund :confused:

maybe there is a possiblity to get an external GPU working via the PCI-E connector. If there were only drivers for ARM

Which PCI-E connector are you talking about? … The one under the board (which I’ve hoped had two lanes connected doesn’t seems to work either and I had no response from sinovoip regarding it).

I’m really disappointed with the “software support” from the board also. On the paper looks like killer features, but they just don’t work (or it is claimed to work with an older kernel which sources aren’t published).

I’ve learned also to not hold your breath because I doubt they will ever make it to work looking how silent this forum have been.

I have ask BPI team. They are working on all feature of this board for Linux.

I have helped them to test HDMI-in (HDMI RX) in Linux for them.
But only 720p 30fps works.
My friend post the demo video in this forum before.

and I have test android OMX library in Linux but the library is EABI (armel) not for AArch64.
Even using “Debian armel” chroot environment, it doesn’t work fine either.
I even dumped the library for AArch64 Linux from Synology DS418 Video Station Package
unfortunately, there are still some issue.

about OpenMAX (OMX) library extract from Synology DS418 Video Station
It seems RealTek DID NOT follow the OMX IL specs to name the API function name.
So it won’t work with FFMpeg.
But maybe Gstreamer will work because Synology use gstreamer to transcode to other format
I have tried to use that package but failed.
I’m looking for what problem I miss to use that.

By the way, the naming in Android Library are all correct, so android can get all those function works.

You can try video decoding under android 6.0, linux under developing.

The post is a very valuable post so if you are looking for the video HW acceleration then you have to change Access Router Settings and allow the 5Ghz network for better reception.

Hello! Is there any progress in video decoding under Linux?

Maybe you should try to contact with BPI customer service.

Synology release the source code of Gsteamer which is used in DS418 (RTD1296) Maybe you can try it out.