A workaround for Banana Pi W2 HDMI input

Thanks to my friend tjjh89017 for sending me a patch that makes W2 HDMI input works.

There are some problems, but it works!!!

demo video

kernel patch.


my board is not exist “/dev/video0” file. how to create this file??

you should re-compile the kernel and enable CONFIG_RTK_HDMIRX

thank you for your reply. I did not think about the CONFIG_RTK_HDMIRX flag. After activating the flag, it compiles and works fine! I hope HW acceleration of Linux is supported soon! thank you.

I’m a new Linux and BPI-W2 user. I want to do a project using the HDMI input function. Can some one post a pre-built image that has the HDMI workaroung installed? Thanks.

There is still a problem with this workaround It only supports 720p 30fps right now. And its hardware video engine and GLES is not enable in Linux. A BPI engineer said there will be soon to supporting HDMI IN and video engine in Linux, but I thought we may still need to wait.

By the way, I’m interested in your project. Could you tell me more about that?

Thanks for the reply. I want to create a HDMI over IP product. I know there are a number of them available already but I want to do my own. The BPI-W2 would be a transmitter. It would convert the HDMI data to IP and send it out. Another BPI SBC would be the receiver. It would take the IP data and convert it back to HDMI.

Would someone from BPI please let us know the status of the HDMI Input function on Linux? Thanks.

I thought you should wait for Lunar New Year about 1 week. BPI is a Chinese company.

I would be interested in doing the same. You could easily use ffmpeg to convert the HDMI input to IP once the input is fully supported.

Any news here? I need a device which has an hdmi in.

Here is some news.

But unfortunately, HDMI IN didn’t work fine with general way.
and hardware video encoder still didn’t work

BPI-W2 is that HDMI2.0a in? I want make like record video something. I had rockpi 4b that can use MIPI with TC3587 to make it, but only 1080p24. if BPI-W2 is HDMI2.0a in, maybe it easy use, but driver like no way. don’t think BPI will code this driver.

wait, i check the code, seem like only use 4 lane mipi. https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-W2-bsp/blob/ea03a75a5c70417ccb2557c2ae6f9ded6041cba1/linux-rtk/drivers/media/platform/rtk_hdmirx/rtd129x/mipi_wrapper.c#L108

4 lane only 1080p60, can’t use 4k record.

why this wiki said hdmi2.0a in? http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-W2#Documents

maybe this SOC use 8 lane mipi? only this way can use 4k.