How to enable Mali gpu 3D acceleration?

Hello guys.

Recently I’m trying to enable 3D acceleration on bpi M2U. My kernel version is 3.10.107, and successfully compiled mali.ko ump.ko, mali_drm.ko

As you know, version of bpi bsp’s mali driver is r5p1, so I got Mali r5p1 userspace driver from Hardkernel buildroot.

Eventually, running glmark2-es2 on fbturbo is my intended goal, but when I run glmark2-es2, bpi shows me the messages like below.


and this is /var/log/Xorg.0.log


I have tested another version of mali kernel drivers and libraries(like libdri2), but there’s no progress in every case. so I post this thread for some help.

Is there anyone knows how to enable Mali 3D Accell on bpi M2U?