How to enable IR in BPI-M3 (Linux OS)

you can use the IR control to do something.

Step 1: Insmod IR lib

$ sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.39-BPI-M3-Kernel/kernel/drivers/input/keyboard/sunxi-ir-rx.ko

Step 2: Turn on (IR debug mode)

$ cd /sys/module/sunxi_ir_rx/parameters
$ sudo su $ echo 0xff > debug_mask

Step 3: Input IR keycode and check log

$ dmesg

[ 2797.200733] dcnt = 70
[ 2797.200753] 351 active_delay = 128
[ 2797.200772] 366 len = 153
[ 2797.200795] IR code = 0x609ff708
[ 2797.200821] IR RAW CODE : 159
[ 2797.200903] IR CODE : 159
[ 2797.201020] IR KEY VALE 159
[ 2797.201047] ir_rx_irq_service: Rx Packet End, code=0x609ff708, ir_code=0x609

Ex: Open Browser (IR keycode=150)

Reference Key_Map:

When you started writing this forum post (yes, we all know that you think it is a ‘tutorial’) you forgot ‘insmod’:

You post commands in your forum that users should enter as root while you never follow the basic rules of adequate care: Writing down a tutorial internally, letting someone else from your team try to follow the steps and only if testing was successful make this tutorial publicly available. Why should anyone follow these steps if they lack even the most basic levels of accurateness again and again? And why do you publish these information in a forum post where they will disappear automatically instead of filling a wiki with?

Why is the step missing that loads the module everytime the board starts up? Why don’t you get the idea that spitting a few sentences into a forum post is not the same as carefully writing a tutorial for users that might be useful?

What’s the purpose of these posts? Why don’t you answer user questions instead and fix the broken software you provide?