How to enable gpu hwa and repair broken videoplayback ? Banana pi m2 berry

I have bought this board for my self for christmas but since that I still cant figure out how to make work Opengl , gpu hwa, or any videoplayer properly. I have read a many-many articles of this problem and this topic is geting me crazy. Every body is throwing codes, and comply this, kernel that, but I haven’t find an article thet tells exactly what to do. Sorry for beeiny a newbee for this. But please some body be so kind to help me out. Thank you for any kind of help.

By the way I’m using ubuntu mate at the moment, but i would install any other OS to make this thing work finally.

all image can run fine, please check your SD card , please use Class 10 card .

pleae eference here :

if you use Ultra,try to burn iamge to eMMC

Thank you for your reply I’m useing a Toschiba class 10 cardic-5745-976x610 How can the card speed make flickering video playback or not having gpu hwa ? Im trying to run games like doom or descent in dosbox , and openra or quake1. And if I try to play videos I’m having diagolnal lines flickering all the screen or the picture apears but just in the top left corner of the screen or not having any video playback at all have tried many video players like vlc smplayer kmplayer gnome player

Have tried to install Retro pie aswell but in the install procedure it said that wasn’t able to find some of the gpu driverpackages. Was trying to install it in armv7 mali pllatform mode

By the way thank you for replyin me at all I was starting to think that I’m all alone with this problem to figure it out by my self only :slight_smile:

The no way to use Mali gpu now. Maybe later, when m2u get working kernel 4.15+

Is this a joke ? I have bougth this soc because of the gpu defined in the thc specs. What can I do send it back and buy a nother one ??? Or when wil I be able to use this product as intended in the manufacturers page?

This is what video playback looks like on vlc or smplayer. Is there any solution for this problem?