How to enable av output on bpi-m1+

Hi guys, i just bought m1+ and i can’t activate av output how can i do it? and what os image should i use (i downloaded ubuntu and there is nothing on the av output)?

In case the image you downloaded relies on kernel 3.4 you have to tweak settings in a so called fex file and later replace script.bin. A simple google search for ‘av out script.bin’ should do the job. With mainline kernel things work different.

So, the first thing would be to check which kernel you use.

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Thanks for the link. very helpfull! :grinning:

One more question, does AV starts to work immediately after i turn on the power supply or need to do any additional actions? i changed script.bin but still nothing on av port

Don’t know. The M1+ tries to be a 1:1 clone of Banana Pro but maybe some things don’t work there as expected.

It’s hard to tell without a serial console attached (not the answer you wanted to get, I guess?). But that’s the next step. You should start reading here to get an idea how to do this and what’s the status of your device:

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Thanks again i’ll try it

Another alternative would be to use an image that is known to work perfectly:

If you want an Ubuntu with GUI try Legacy/Trusty. Banana Pro and M1+ should be very similiar (with one known exception you can find in Link above) but maybe there are other differences as well: BPI M1+ UART3 (TTYS2) not Working (this is also a perfect example for what you can expect regarding support from @sinovoip: NOTHING, they usually post “give us some time” and nothing will happen)

An appropriate fex file for the M1+ you might find somewhere deep hidden in one of the many useless, moronic @sinovoip github repos. Maybe here or maybe there maybe somewhere else.

Their moronic ‘development’ style prevents them from sending their hardware descriptions in a useable form where they should end up and where everyone can find them: (but they don’t send their stuff to the linux-sunxi list but instead clone every few days other github repos to hide somewhere inside important stuff)