How to detect the hardware model?

Hi forum members, I have multiple different PI’s (Raspberrys, Bananas and soon also Oranges) to manage. Now I need to know which model I’m running on from a script perspective. I’m using Rasbian on all PI’s. On RPI’s with BCMxxxx chips I’m using: cat /proc/device-tree/model or cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model

But on my Bananas with sun?i chips there is no devicetree ;(

Where can I find the BPI model I’m running on ?

I know that I can create a list that is maping the MAC-Address with my model, but this is a manual task and will not work for my scripts to maintain lots of SBC systems.

Please reply if you know a solution where to find the Banana PI Models.

Regards wollik