How to control the GPIO using python in Banana Pi Zero?

Hi All

I am trying to turn on a small led using python script.

As we do in Raspberry Pi- Code —> import time import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

========== I have the problem with
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
How I will write for the BPI zero.


Hello, We have built-in some commands in image, could you find “” in “/usr/local/bin”?

Hi Thanks for your response.

I have not found any .py file in /usr/loca/bin

Here is the output… image

so can you send me small python code for led on and off with importing headers file and all.


Hello,you can see here :

find example in test directory.

For those who find the above RPi.GPIO library, i’ve had issues

Building the library requires a file called “” which lets the library identify which Banana is in use. This file does not exist on any image I have downloaded. I would really like to find this file

Hello, try this way please, the install method is same with M3:

@Jackzeng have followed that guide for the M2 Z, the files in the test folder gives:

RuntimeError: This module can only be run on a Raspberry Pi!

@berbec did you get the RPi.GPIO working? Which steps did you follow? Thanks.

@Ram did you find a working python test file? Thanks.

With the shortage of Raspberry PI units I figured to try a BananaPI to run node-red…

I’ve gotten everything running except for the GPIO where I meet this exact error, nrgpio python command not running trying to control GPIO from node-red.

Python version is 2.7 and all the packages/modules referenced/linked seems to be installed.

Just figured if anyone has a clue…

I do not know anything about node-red, but there were some problems in the past with the RPi.GPIO on the Pi zero. You may want to change the BPI version with this one