How to connect to M64 by ADB

Hi, I have following issue with a new BPI M64 (Android 8.1, WIN10 PC). M64 doesn’t show up as a USB device when connecting it by OTG. So I cannot reach it by ADB. Maybe anybody can give me a hint.

You can’t, as says in the BPI Android 8.1 three, adb is not available in 8.1

Adb is available in Android 8.1, I test on ubuntu and it work correctly. I think you should upgrade the SDK to the latest version and follow to do the PC os configuration. After first boot, enable USB Debug option in Settings, then you can find the adb devices.

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Try linux. Linux Mint. e.g.

sudo apt install android-tools-adb /installs ADB/

sudo adb kill-server /stops the server if it is running - sometimes You get fails with perms if You wont restart it/

sudo adb start-server /starts the server/

adb devices /will show You connected devices/

I can connect on Android 6.0.1 with the USB method described here but I have no success with the network method (tested with wifi). Any ideas?