How to connect my audio card with I2S


I have a BPI-Berry board. How can I set I2S under Ubuntu ?

hello,what do you mean to set I2S under Ubuntu?

it’s easy to set by sound & video software in GUI.

Hello @Jackseng,

I wish to plug these audio cards on my M2 berry :

I have already done on my Odroid C1+ and on my OrangePi PC+ like described here :

I have installed Ubuntu-server, not Ubuntu Mate and as soon as I’ll get help about i2s, i shall add MPD server

V40 soc has I2S but what pins on GPIO are using ?

I have found the pinouts on the GPIO socket to connect an audio card in the 3rd sheet untitled “CPU2” on the top left side of the GPIOB/H/I of the BPI-M2 BERRY specifications.

But these pinouts are 2 or 3 functions. So I think the u-boot must be setup to select the right function like th M1+ as explained here : on the post #14.

I don’t know how to do the same task on the M2-berry with Ubuntu-server.

Hello,I have checked the M2-berry 40pin gpio definition don’t have I2S interface,but if you want to use I2S,you could try M2m.

No, you are wrong !

Look at :

Can Sinovoip give us a howto or some BPI-tool to set I2S or we are waiting for Armbian make the job ?

Sinovoip say that GPIO supports I2S but nothing runs !

Hello, I know what you said, soc supports I2S, but 40pin GPIO don’t have I2S pins






As you can see,all the I2S pins are used to other functions