How to compile kernel resources in BPI-F2S


I am using BPI-F2S board. and i am trying to rebuild kernel. Currently i am using ''2019_11_29_debian_10_buster_mate_desktop_beta_bpi_f2s_sd_emmc_img" os version in the board.

Now i want to add more functionality like GSM integration for that need to rebuild kernel.

I have already downloaded kernel resources using system->preferences->Hardware->Armbian config.

Now trying to build kernel using below steps:

1). kernel source is directly downloaded in /usr/src/ directory.

2). Make changes in few files like option.c and more.

3). Run “sudo makeconfig” command and select all required options.

4). Run “sudo make -j4” command and done successfully.

5). Run “sudo make bzImage” and done successfully.

6). Run “sudo make modules” and done successfully.

7). Run “sudo make modules_install” and done successfully.

8). Run “sudo make install” and done successfully.

9). Run “sudo update-initramfs -c -k 5.9.15” and done successfully.

10). Run “sudo update-grub” and done successfully.

But not getting proper result also not change in anything “uname -r”.

Before build “uname -r” result is 4.19.37-BPI-F2S-Kernel and after process complete.

Please share your valuable suggestion.