How to change LEDs brightnes?

Hi i tried to change the green LED brightness with a: “sudo nano /sys/class/leds/green_led/max_brightness” I changed to 50. But i can’t save the file, it is telling me, i don’t have a permission to change this file. And is this a good way to change LEDs brightness? Thanks.

alt+f1 then log in as root//bananapi then its possible to change sys class values. not avalable from Pi in X server, ive noticed it when I tryed to change sys classes aswell

don’t forget to logout from root terminal then alt+f7 to go back to X server. hope it helped.

i am root, you think i am stupid? I haven’t any x server, because i have Ubuntu 16.04 server without GUI. I control my BananaPi from SSH.

How shuld I know? then write sudo su to get a full root shell if that wont work then I cant help

To the OP. If you wouldnt be ao aggressive and a little more scientific on a Technology related forum, you probably would get an answer to your problem.

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