How to back up whole image? or just undo update...?

i did

bpi-update -u -u

$ sudo bpi-update -c bpi-m2u.conf

and it wont boots up… it freezes at bananapi screen.

i am going to re installing image again…

this is my 4th time now… i have to reinstall everything! im not good at Linux. it takes so long to set-up my home network grid(Iot devices), torrent server, ftp server, media steaming server…

is there way to back up whole partition like “ghost” from Symantec and recover?

or… just un update my bananapi now…

plz help… thank you

On Windows you can use to make whole SD card

Under Linux to backup the whole SD card you can use:

dd if=/dev/sdX of=bananapi.img

where sdX can be sdb, sdc, etc. You just need to know as which of sdX device your SD card is seen by Linux.

I don’t recommend to backup only one partition. It is more safe to backup the whole SD card.