How to active PMP support on M3

Hi together,

does anyone know and have maybe an instruction for me about how to active the PMP on M3 with following office Image:

[Banana Pi BPI-M3 New Image (New EMMC) Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 2018-5-28 V1.1](Jessie, Debian 8)

I want to connect M3 with SATA port multiplier, to make RAID system. I know the speed is not very fast, but what I want is just to get more storage for my home server in this way.

I really appreciate your help!

If you know more information, please let me know.



Why do you want to use this outdated “official” image?

Which one is newer? Have you got a link for me? I need ao one, which based on Debian

Several years newer would be this but beware it has limited armbian support. However sources and SDK are available so you can change whatever you like.