How is the M64 SO slow?

I was never expecting BLAZING fast speed, but this thing is trash. No matter what linux image i put on it, even just running the desktop environment, is excruciatingly slow.

The multiprocessing balancing doesn’t even feel like it makes sense.

I see it running two cores %100 during an install, and i can’t really interact with the interface XFCE4 because it’s SO SLOW, yet i don’t see it trying to uses the two NON-busy cores to address the UI.

This machine is terrible.

The micro SD is the fastest one i could find U3 / class 10.

I’ve tried images from BPI, and i’ve also tried two armbian images.

What’s the story on why these are unusably slow??

tl;dr; This is not Linux desktop class hardware, but yes, you can run, slow as expected, desktop. Here you can watch booting Armbian desktop on one of the slowest hardware (single core Allwinner A10) it can run.

For decent desktop performance look for (pre) latest Amlogic / Rockchips.