How is possible to use this Microphone?


How is possible to use this Microphone?

Linux and Android both, let me know.


Android, just use a recording app. Linux I have no idea.

I already tried arecord, but with no success. I thing there is no software support for any pieace of hardware besides CPU, eMMC, RAM, USB.

I guess the ALSA or arisc or whatever else is broken, because i’m not able to get any voice data by arecord:

arecord test.wav

Every i try, i get 44 bytes wav file.

I don’t really think BPI put much thought into the microphones since they didn’t put much thought into the OS in the first place.

we have fixed this issue at linux ,will update it in new image. but android image is working fine .


May I know which model u want to try mic first?


HI: you can check it .

Linux: We have fixed it. Please stay updated with the future version of Linux.

Android (Android-HDMI-V3): Step 1: Go to Sound Record app. Step 2: Go to ES File Explorer app .check it


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Where? There’s nothing:

we need time to do this work. please keep await.:wink:

You really believe your own lies? Either it’s fixed as Justin said then if it’s a software fix immediately push it to github. If it’s a hardware fix then please tell your customers that you f*cked up the board design and that they need a new board.

The only reason you ‘need’ more time is to sit the whole M3 dilemma out.

or you design a new hardware , if you not do this work ,just go away. you are not any help for user .

HI Tkaiser:

This is a matter of the audio path . The kernel has supported this one by default, so that you dont need to make any changes to the kernel.

Plus, there’s no such thing as releasing new images every time with just few issues fixed; I believe there’s no OS would do things like that. Please be noted.

Absolutely right. So all that’s needed is improved documentation to fix this issue on already existing Linux images? So why don’t you provide these bits of information/documentation now?

Apart from that I really appreciate your answer (not that constant ‘need more time’ blabla @sinovoip is only able to tell) and would recommend that instead of following your bpi-bootsel approach (which really really absolutely NOBODY outside ‘Team BPi’ needs or has asked for) you should start to release OS images that can be upgraded.

There is not a single user who’s happy to start from scratch with new OS images every few weeks. Why don’t you try to improve things and make people do a simple apt-get update|upgrade to benefit from?

That’s all your users want: at least one working OS image that fully supports the hardware and that can be upgraded. Instead you release BS like this: BPI-M3 new image:busybox-1.24.2-preview-bpi-m3.img 2016-6-14