How get android image from emmc after customize it

Hello, I’ll like to extract the Android OS from the emmc to get a custom .img file (I want burn it with Phoenixsuit to many M64).

In the old BPI-M2 (A31) this was posible, in an easy way with Dragonface, but it doesn’t work with the Android 6.0.1 img for the M64, A64 is not supported by Dragonface. Am I wrong?

Pls, How can I extract all Android OS to an img file in the M64??? Can be done with ADB or in another way?


hello, let me check this.

do you mean you want to customize your own android image and then make an new image which is based on yours, right?

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Yes, after modify Android trough ADB (with Android installed inside BPI-M64 emmc, isn’t the source code or an img file), I’ll like to extract whole Android system from emmc to an *.img file, and then I’ll like to burn this img to many M64 with Phoenixsuit. In Dragonface software, that I have used lot of times to modify *.img files, if you connect a BPI-M2 through usb cable, you can extract (by a simple click on a button) the Android system to an *.img file in my PC hard disk.

To the moment I have extracted boot.img, system.img and recovery.img + an updated apk that I need, and then I put this content to the folders again (with adb) to get the same Android system in all BPI. I’ll try to modify the source with the extracted content and apk , but I think that should exist an easiest/fastest way.


Dragonface got from the internet seems support up to android5 only. Why not to porting your “work” to the source code, then rebuild a image, the source code is open and can be downloaded from the Wiki, that is the right way. If you can’t do the porting work, I think you can create the image with dd command as creating a linux image.

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Howd you do this with the m2?