Here's BPI-M2 with the latest architecture "DOCKER" (Uboot 2015.07 & Kernel 4.1.4)

With great efforts being taken by the BPI team, M2 is now able to run in Uboot 2015.07 & Kernel 4.1.4 with DOCKER’s architecture.

What are you waiting for ? Come and join us now ! :grinning:


Docker version:

way to go (ohh…post must be at least 20 characters :joy:

"What are you waiting for ? Come and join us now ! " Hmm, let me think. For an ubuntu image that has more than 50 MB remaining memory on root so I can make an update/upgrade ? And a conservative memory-card partitioning e.g. 2048-32000 for partition 1 and the rest for partition 2 ? And a wiringBPI that works together with such an image? And a GLES, so that uses PowerVR for that the processor is not near to extrude magic smoke when I’m doing 20 and more images/second ?