Help with RTC on Android 6.0.1

Hello, I have a Banana Pi M64 with android 6.0.1 running and the system takes the date from internet, but if the system starts without internet connection the date is January 1st 2010. I know that I can solve it with an RTC, but I don’t know if the system will recognize it.

I thought 2 possibilities:

  • Use A64 integrated RTC. I have seen that the processor has an internal RTC, and if I keep powering the RTC-VCC pin it should keep date untill next time that the internet connection returns. The problem is that I have found the RTC-VCC in the schematics but I don’t know where can I find it on the board. Maybe if I know the exact place I can solder a battery to this point and keep it powered.

  • Use external rtc like DS3231 connected through i2c in the gpio pin headers but I don’t know how to get the date from the i2c bus to Android or if I need an specific driver.

Can anybody help?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Check the vcc-rtc.png.

  1. You can download the m64 android 6 source, porting the ds3231 rtc driver to this platform and config it builtin, disable A64 integrated RTC driver kernel configuration, then rebuild the android image.

It’s mean that if I solder a 3V battery betwen TP9 (or CP2 cap) and GND, the system should keep the date/hour???