Help with custom build for BPI-R18

Hey, I’m involved in developing IoT solution using BPI-R18-AVS prototype board. So far I used to be a bare metal embedded developer, so i’m rather new to embedded linux field so don’t judge hard if I’m asking dumb questions. Basically I need to find a way to build a custom minimal linux distro, similar to tina_tulip-noma ready image, that can be downloaded on the forum. Obviously this is because we’re going to deploy our solution on custom made board later. The goal for now however, is to build an app on top of AVS SDK, using appropriate toolchain as well as all of relevant dependencies (so far I tried to do it with prebuilt toolchain from tina-linux repo, but with no success). I must admit, that I’m totally lost so far in the abundance of information available, so ANY help/assistance on topics listed below would be extremely appreciated! I’ve built a few distros from scratch in the past, but those were for very well supported boards, like BB Black, RPi, etc. But reality turned out harsh… :slight_smile:

  1. What toolchain can I use to cross compile AVS SDK and its SampleApp for the existing tina_tulip-noma_xxx images? Should I download it or build with ct-ng? When I have it ready, what is the good way to organize the cross-compile environment?. I used to use a Buildroot couple of times, enjoying the prebuilt toolchain it provides, but I have no clue about OpenWrt which tina seems to be forked from.

  2. Is there existing BSP for this board I can use to build a kernel and u-boot? If yes, what’s the location? (I’m assuming there is something, the ready tina image is built upon). We’re only planning for 256M of flash, so tina-linux is a perfect fit.

  3. If there is nothing yet ready to use on git, what are my other options? Can I use some other board’s BSPs to port to my needs?

It has BSP, but not publicized, please drop us an email ([email protected]).

Thanks a lot, Jason!

Hi, Has your problem been solved? I have same problem about this. How can I build image like tina_tulip-noma_xxx.img with AVS SDK? Should I use Banana Pi BPI-M64 BSP?