[help] EMMC comaptible linux image and kernel 3.10>

Hi i downloaded several linux images for my bpi m3, just one i was able to put to work within emmc.

  • 2018-07-10-ubuntu-16.04-server-preview-bpi-m3-sd-emmc.img didnt even boot from sdcard
  • 2018-07-11-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-preview-bpi-m3-sd-emmc.img boot from sdcard and was able to install into emmc
  • 2018-07-18-debian-9-stretch-mate-desktop-preview-bpi-m3-sd-emmc.img didnt boot to sdcard
  • 2021-08-03-raspbian-stretch-bpi-m3-sd-emmc.img boot to sdcard not able to install in emmc
  • Armbian_22.11.0-trunk_Bananapim3_jammy_edge_5.19.6_xfce_desktop.img boot to sdcard not able to install in emmc

ubuntu with mate was ok for me but this image is build in kernel 3.4. DOCKER is mandatory for me, would be very anoying for me to be without docker, anyone have images / can help with images that can be written in emmc and works with docker? thanks