Help! BPI-M2 Zero unable to boot/HDMI receives no signal

I tried to use different Linux images provided here:

No success so far in getting anything displayed on screen; the only visual feedback I get is from the red LED (sometimes blinking, sometimes light up continuously, sometimes a combination of both).

Used balenaEtcher for Windows to write the images into SD card. (Didn’t do any prior formatting of the SD cards, simply used balenaEtcher to write directly since I assume it will do the necessary formatting of the SD card).

Also used different types of SD card to write to images to. (from brandless SD card, to Sandisk Ultra 16GB - tried both the A1 and non-A1 variations)

Anyone knows how to approach this issue?

NB: Realised that the wifi chip is labelled “KEIIOT” instead of “AP6212”. Not sure if this is relevant.

which image flashed? 5V 2A power adapter connected to DCIN port? upload the console debug message.

Try this instead:

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I tried flashing all the Ubuntu, Raspbian and Armbian images. I connected the the power adapter to the DCIN microUSB port. How do I extract the console debug log?

I tried to flash the Armbian Focal as well as Buster downloaded from the links provided in that page, but in both cases did not see anything being displayed through HDMI…

Then you are doing something fundamental wrong.

I tried following the steps in that page (especially on how to prepare the SD card), but to no avail:( All I get is the red LED blinking continuously.

Is the LED supposed to turn to a different color if the boot is successful?

This is how things are debugged in this world: