Headless SSH Access over USB via Windows

I want to do this:


But i’m stuck at step 9. I tried different hostnames, because it’s obviously not “raspberrypi”, but neither “bananapi” nor “lemaker” works.

I tried different images like the armbian recommended in the wiki and the newest version from their website. I used the raspberry pi imager for these, because it does all the steps to configure ssh automatically. That doesn’t seem to work either, because it ends with the error message “cant access e:\config” (or something like that). While raspbian provides a partition which can be accessed on windows, armbian doesn’t, so i can’t make the file changes manually.

The wpa_supplicant method also doesn’t work. I set up everything, but the device doesn’t show up in my network.

Any idea if a ssh access can be established via usb?

If there is none, i guess i’ll need to get a micro hdmi cable.