HDMI works on Monitor but not on TV Set

I am using a Banana Pi M2 Berry with Android 6 image.When I use it with PC Monitor and HDMI connection it works well.But HDMI connection to a TV set does not work at all.So what can I do or what could be the problem?

Hi Mr Browns,

I just received two Berry units, one started with unbuntu, the other one with Raspian. Same issue, i only have display on my 24’’ HP Monitor. I have a brand new samsung tv set with 3 hdmi plug, no one worrks with the 2 units…

I really think some chip restrictions prevent an hdmi “univeral” output

I can change the resolution from 480 to 1080 but no video detected by the TV Set… I tried also an HDMI-> VGA converter… Nothing I tried anHDMI -> DVI cable -> Nothing.

Is there anybody to help us ?