HDMI Screen Resolution

How do I change the resolution on HDMI-Port? I need any standard non TV resolution, I want to use a standard 19" TFT-Screen. 1280x1024 would be the best way. Changing modes in uEnv.txt does not help.

Any suggestions?

Best regards Frank

You can use these modifications to get the needed resolutions: https://github.com/dni1337/OrangePI-Kernel/commits/master

Of course you have to be an Linux expert, able to compile the M3 BSP. That’s the problem with M3: Totally incompatible to the real Bananas and therefore even the most simple tasks are either impossible or require huge amounts of work. And as you already noticed you get absolutely no support from the vendor.

I have the same problem, but for Android. As I’m under the impression that we don’t have the sources for this board, it will be hard to put some duct tape here :smiley: .

I have a very peculiar display that can only handle a resolution of 1280x1024 (or eventually crop a 1920x1080 as long as the refresh rate is lower than 50hz else I get artifacts on the screen, like hdmi mode 27). Changing the sys_config in the BSP and other stuff does not seem to have an impact at all as the system seems to fallback on some default 720p50/60hz values (or whatever it has been configured with, I suspect that it has something to do with a script.bin or the like somewhere in a nand partition, I haven’t looked into that yet) !

@sinovoip What about supporting normal TFT-Screen Resolution?

@sinovoip Until now now help available ?

LOL, no support as usual