HDMI output pink cast problem

Hello, I got the new BPI M2U three days ago and I set it up to use it today. Everything works fine, but the HDMI output … the screen is all … pink! And both jessie and ubuntu images have same problem. Does anyone have same problem as mine? I wonder weather this problem is from H/W or S/W. Every other PIes, like BPI-PRO, RASPBERRY PI work fine on the same cable and same monitor.

Here goes screen shot.

Your monitor is DVI, right? At least it looks like this: https://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/971-quick-review-of-banana-pi-m2/?p=7653

Thank you for reply, charles. Then I should change input mode from RGB to YPbPr? I couldn’t find anything like that option in OSD. :cry: By the way, at my colleague’s place I tried with a monitor which can take HDMI input. This case? works fine.

So my conclusion : Although most other Pies can use this kind of cable, Do not use HDMI - DVI cable with Banana Pi M2 Ultra. That causes pink cast color. too bad. Seems no way to fix it.

It should be the same fix that works for BPi M3 and M2+ (and others), the issue is long known but gets ignored by the seller.

i have a same problem, like others, with old tv -s with old version hdmi ports, - green/pink/inverted screen color we need a setting like in raspberry /boot/config.txt, to set the pixel encoding from YCbCr to RGB it’s a hdmi handshake problem…

but the Sinovoip give a …

i like the banana better, but raspberry have support…