HDMI in Tina Linux?


I have successfully created an image using default downloaded source code. It boot OK. I need to use a RS232 to TTL USB serial cable to access console. There was not HDMI console. I do like native HDMI console. I tried ‘make menuconfig’ and ‘make kernel_menuconfig’. When ‘make’ to build, there was always an errer: ‘hdmi.ko’ missing. No mater what I did, I can’t get hdmi.ko. My question here is: can HDMI work in tina Linux or OpenWRT? How? Help 請問我可以將 HDMI 加到 Tina Linux 裡面去嗎?怎麼做?


Thanks Tim (My SBC is BPI M2U)

If you don’t need video acceleration, jump on modern Armbian Linux.https://github.com/armbian/build You can build an image for M2U with adding EXPERT=“yes” parameter … HDMI works.

Thanks Igor! I got armbian image and it worked with HDMI while booting. I am just wondering tina linux/OpenWRT.

You need exactly 3 seconds of scanning Github repository https://github.com/tinalinux to find out its a waste of time. If you look more, you will find out that its a technology from a previous century without any support. Do you really think you will be able to use that for anything except education? To run a router like OS on a kernel that nobody patch for security fixes. Seriously? And you still need to boot it first …

Armbian or some similar OS with a modern kernel is your only sane option. I would proceed into OpenWRT inside container - if you really need OpenWRT like functionality. Most of simple network setup can be done also inside Debian like systems without much pain. Even here you can expect troubles, but much less and ongoing development at least exists.