HDMI HDCP & waveshare display

I got a simple question… how do i disable hdmi hdcp on banana pi or get a waveshere 7ich LCD (B) to work with my banana pi m3 ??

Hello, 7 weeks suffering and still asking myself the same question.

I had a same problem this solution worked

just update uEnv.txt file on SdCard after you write the image. But touchscreen will not work but you can run display.


Thanks V been having my ear to the ground to see if waveshare were possible aswell, this gets me nearer to a touchscreen other than 7 inch i hope. 4 or 5 inch would be nice for what i’m doing (mini laptop). The eleduino claims to work on Bpi and that’s 5 inch but doesn’t specify which models. Has anyone seen the “handheld linux terminal” by Chris Robinson yeah i’m thinking of that but with the banana. Should be sweet.