Have I received a dead board?

Update 27/12/19 21:00: I’ve got it booted so I’m going to look at getting the WiFi working. Hello folks, I’ve just received a BPI M64 and need a little advice on what should happen when I plug in an HDMI display and a USB kb and trackball and then apply power from the supplier ps. What actually does happen is that a red LED illuminates. When I remove power, it goes out. That’s all. Nothing of any kind appears on the display, it makes no sounds, no other LEDs light up and the red LED never flickers. No amount of typing on the kb achieves anything. Attaching a USB - serial cable and plugging it into my laptop (Debian 9 Linux) likewise does nothing. Pointing agetty at the apparent device (/dev/USB01 again draws a blank. Can someone please enlighten me as to what ought to happen? Thanks! Joy

You have a SDcard with an operating system on it plugged into your device?


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Hi, thanks for writing. Yes, it was a bad SD card. I’ve got it running now but no WiFi or bluetooth. :-/