Has anyone made a product by M3?

Has anyone made a product by M3? I can‘t burn any system on my board, can anyone please help me.

What kind of OS do you want?

You must unzip the file and then write to an SD card with the Win32DiskImager.

I have tried to burn Android5.1 to the eMMC by using phoenixsuit

But every time when I burn the OS, it tells me to check if the OS is right or the hardware is correct.

What can I do? Many thanks!

Perhaps the data cable is not the right one

I would write it on an SD card and then do with the DD command

dd if=dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=1M

That’s a good idea!

But my board can’t even start from the SD card.

Is there something such as bootloader that I have to write to the board first?


These to the SD write before with the SD formatter format. The size of the SD pay attention and write with the Win32DiskImager