H.264 and MPEG2: HW - decoding?

I plan to set up a yaVDR / linuxbased nediacenter and I would prefere BPI-M2 Ultra. This is a beginners question. So please help me to understand the situation:

  • is hardware acceleration available for watching FullHD-Videos from SAT or DVD and other common sources via Kodi Mediacenter and chrome-Browser?

  • are these features available on BPI-M2 Ultra/BPI-M2 Berry new image: 2017-11-13-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-beta2-bpi-m2u-sd-emmc.img ? (discription only mentions:: “support CAMERA ov5640 (guvcview / cap / ffmpeg-3.1.4 support video H.264 hw encode)” or is another image recommended?

  • Do I have to wait for sunxi-cedrus (1) or is there a solution available now?


(1) http://linux-sunxi.org/Cedrus

Thanks. At least there is no answer yet that would make BPI-M2 Ultra a realistic option for building a media center by the time of writing in 3/2019. In case closedsource(?) drivers work they would probably only do with a few distinct kernels, which could make it difficult to find a version of mediacentersoftware kodi that supports all needed plugins.