GPIO not working on Rasbian image

I have installed the RPi.GPIO library from Github for BananaPi and my python script doesn’t toggle the GPIO pin. Here is the script

#!/usr/bin/env python import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time PIN_NUM = 7

GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) GPIO.setup(PIN_NUM, GPIO.OUT) GPIO.output(PIN_NUM, GPIO.LOW) while True: GPIO.output(PIN_NUM, GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(1) GPIO.output(PIN_NUM, GPIO.LOW) time.sleep(1)

When I run the above script using command “python” I get the error " This module can only run on Raspberry Pi".

I also tried installing wiringPi and write a simple C code to toggle the GPIO, It runs, but I do not see the GPIO toggle.

we will update wiringpi for BPI-M2 this week. we working on it now. :smile:

Thanks for your response. Do post when the wiringPi has been updated for BPI-M2. :smile:

not working pin 8(TX) and pin 10(RX) help me?