Gigabit ethernet is slow

Hi, Has anybody tested gigabit ethernet performance with the bpi-m2? I have tried different images (well, the few ones that work) including armbian, and iperf on local network is always around 30Mbit/sec of bandwidth. All the LAN infrastructure is gigabit, and other computers I own don’t show such slow performance. The main reason I bought bpi-m2 it was the gigabit ethernet, but now I have those horrible transfer rates. Any help will be appreciated,

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Well, finally I will write my own answer. After checking everything, it seems that the cause was a faulty ethernet cable. After fixing this, i got around 900Mbit/sec on iperf.


I still obtained 300 Mbps at my first test, using NetPIPE benchmark. When I changed to iperf I obtained near of 700 Mbps (this is the limit due the usage of PIC bus)