Freezing, restarting, not stable

Hi, I bought the BPi M3 + power adapter (5v - 2A). I cannot get it stable. Using a Samsung microSDXC EVO+ 64 GB 100MB/S CL 10 + Banana Pi BPI-M3 New Image (New EMMC) Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 2018-5-28 V1.1 Plugged into a monitor through HDMI, added usb keyboard/mouse.

What happens when I start with the sdcard inserted:

Scenario 1:

  1. Banana Pi loading screen
  2. Linux loading screen
  3. Raspbian desktop screen
  4. Freezes after ± 3 minutes
  5. Sometimes it reboots, sometimes it shuts down.

Scenario 2:

  1. Banana Pi loading screen
  2. Linux loading screen
  3. After lots of hex codes, loading screen gets stuck with this message:
  4. Reboots/shuts down

Things I have tried:

  • Reformat sd card and prepared it again with newly downloaded image
  • Boot without usb equipment

Is there something else I am doing wrong or is this Pi just broken?

Try this (only) alternative if it works any better:

But my guess would be to check power supply. Replace it.

Yes, Did you use BananaPi’s power adapter?

and could you please show me the console log?

Yes I used the BananaPi’s power adapter.

Where can I retrieve these logs when it freezes? Or should I just make a video out of this?

Hello, please see here, use usb to ttl


here is the debug console:

then please show me the debug console log.

Ok, I ordered this cable. I will post feedback soon.

Ok, I have this cable. I connected it to my Mac but how do read the debug console?

Do you have any terminal software on your PC?

plug your usb wire into your PC,and use the terminal software to open it,

I recommend you SecureCRT

I did this but I cannot make a connection. I tried ‘screen’, Serial and in Terminal the connection does not appear under /dev/cu.usbserial. I have installed several PL2303 drivers for mac, but this does not work at all :frowning:

Which log file do you need? Can I find it when Raspbian has booted? Sometimes it boots, but the screen resolution is not good and the cursor is invisable. But I can use the console app when it booted (and I hope it does not get stuck).