Forcing HDMI on BPI-M3


Could you please tell me how to force the HDMI on m3? I’m trying to connect it to my monitor via HDMI-DVI adapter.

For the raspberry pi 2 I had to open the config file on the boot sector and add the following:

> # uncomment to increase signal to HDMI, if you have interference, blanking, or
> # no display
> config_hdmi_boost=4

Sorry, could you give more detailed explaination for a dummy?

I fear I can’t, since it’s the vendor’s responsibility to provide software that doesn’t suck.

If you’re really using Android, it might take you a few hours/days to figure out what the prerequisits are to be able to do what’s necessary:

You would have to clone a github repo in a sufficient Linux environment, then patch the aforementioned file to be used with DVI, then you compile kernel + u-boot and then you have to overwrite some contents of eMMC or SD card (but not all the steps since otherwise you wipe the partition table of your Android image. All that’s necessary since you bought a product that receives zero support from its vendor. :slight_smile: